Claire Perry-Louise

Culture & Community Consultant, Author & Speaker

Claire Perry-Louise, the Founder of the Impact Entrepreneur Agency is an Entrepreneur, Author and Speaker and she is passionate about the role relationships play in business.

She sees it as the most effective way to build trust and loyalty. She has specialised for the last 5 years in culture and community in business and in running her own online and offline business she has gained unique insights into the world of entrepreneurship.

These insights led her to create her Agency, which supports her fellow Entrepreneurs who are dealing with overwhelm in their businesses.

She works with teams to understand their unique dynamics and then creates a strategy to create a more cohesive, connected and productive team.

The Entrepreneur then has more time and space to focus on the vision.  Claire, has built a worldwide network of successful Change makers and through this network she has built such strong relationships that her business has operated on a purely referral basis and she has consulted for some leading players in her industry

Claire believes in the power of collaboration and is surrounded by a supportive tribe of powerhouse women, who are each making huge impacts in the world.  She is excited to have this opportunity to judge the “Exceptional Book by a Woman category”.