The Founder

Lucy McCarraher started her first publishing company while she was still at university and has worked in publishing and the media ever since.

Lucy is the author of 12 books – three novels and nine non-fiction books, including How To Write Fiction Without The Fuss and How To Write Your Book Without The Fuss (with her business partner, Joe Gregory).

She is the co-founder and Managing Editor of Rethink Press, ‘The Entrepreneur’s Publisher’, which has published over 300 niche business and self-development books and offers wrap-around services for authors.

Lucy is the Publish Mentor of the Key Person of Influence programme in the UK and Singapore, and has mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners to plan, write and publish their books.

Lucy has worked as a print and television journalist and presenter in Australia; as an editor for Methuen and Currency Press; was Director of Development for Lifetime Productions International; written edited and produced for TV and video; and consulted to blue chip companies, small businesses and government as a work-life balance expert. She has a BA in English and Drama, a post-grad Diploma in teaching Creative Writing and Literacy, and gives regular talks and workshops on writing and publishing.

About Business Book Awards

The Business Book Awards celebrate the work of authors who have shared their industry or market knowledge, experience and expertise in published book form.

The global business book market is growing faster than ever before, with millions of titles being sold in the UK every year. This is partly due to changes in business itself: in 2017, 5.7 million SMEs made up over 99% of all businesses in the UK. While a selection of the big names of big business continue to publish high profile books, it is entrepreneurs – the founders and owners of these burgeoning small businesses – who are writing books in ever greater numbers.

The desire to publish their books has been supported by developments in both the publishing industry and consumer interest. With more budding entrepreneurs the consumer demand for business books has increased, resulting in a 9% increase in the sale of non-fiction books. Readers of business and self-development books have an ever-increasing choice of titles, as authors who might not have been offered contracts by traditional publishers (once a barrier to entering the publishing market) are now easily able to self-publish their works or use the services of hybrid publishers to produce and distribute their books in print, e-book and audio formats.

The considerable growth of the business and self-development market has also fuelled business book publishing. Business consultants, executive coaches, life coaches and business mentors have recognised that publishing a book extends their reach by demonstrating their authority in their own field, and brings them impact, income and influence. Significant business accelerators, courses and experts advocate a published book as an important business or brand asset. Equally, business people have an ever-growing thirst for information, and are keen to improve their commercial and personal skill sets and knowledge through reading.

The Business Book Awards recognise the change in the current market and highlight the quality and variety of business books in the market. They offer industry-wide recognition to new and established authors writing on a multiplicity of subjects for a diverse readership. No existing book award is sufficiently broad-based for these entrepreneurial business authors. The BBAs has ‘no barriers to entry’ and welcomes entries from publishers and all authors published in the UK.

The Business Book Awards gives every publisher, regardless of size or type, and author, regardless of experience or route to publishing, of a business book the opportunity to participate in a high quality, impartial judging process.

The Awards allows all authors that enter, are short-listed or win to publicise and sell more books; the event instils aspiration in entrants and pride in winners; and the ongoing process inspires other budding writers to come forward and publish their work.


Entries, Judging & Awards

Participants will be required to complete a form which will be used to assess their application, provide three copies of the book they would like to enter, and pay a low £20 per entry administration fee. It will be permissible to submit more than one book per author (if they have published more than one within the publication deadlines), but each book can only be submitted in one category.

Applications for the year 2017 opened on 10th October 2017 and closed on 31st December 2017; judging took place in January 2018

The Judging Panel is made up of experts from business, writing, publishing and other related fields, with expertise in their relevant category. Three judges per category with no financial commitment or other interest will ensure that the process is completely impartial. The Panel will make decisions based on clear judging criteria, and will be monitored by a Head Judge who will review all the applications.

The entries will be judged individually in line with the category specifications.

The three Judges per category will consider factors such as content, market, writing style and originality into account, as well as focusing on innovation and creativity.

Short-listed books for each category will be announced in January, and publishers/authors will be able to display ‘stickers’ on covers, websites, social media, advertising etc, from that point.

Winners of each of the six categories will be announced at the Event in March and presented with a trophy. ‘Winner of…’ stickers will be available to display on covers, websites, social media, advertising etc from that date. BBA will support the winners with as much PR and social media promotion as possible.

Winners of each category will be put forward for the ‘Business Book of the Year’ award. The winner of this award will be decided by a majority vote of the Judging Panel, with a casting vote by the Head Judge if required.

ThinkFest Event Organisers

Recognised for hosting ‘Simply Great Events’, We at ThinkFest are an awards and events management organiser with a difference operating in niche specialist areas, and having a collaborative approach to working.

With over 12 years’ experience in the industry, we pride ourselves on true partnership working with an understanding of the “end in mind”. We do take things personally and of course offer professionalism, quality, and credibility at the heart of what we do as well an innovative approach.

Currently, our team operates four annual awards: the Asian Apprenticeship Awards, the Adoption and Foster Care Awards, the Intrapreneur Awards, and the Business Book Awards. We also operate one of the fastest growing business networking brands, Pathway2Grow, and run the “Coffee and Natter”, “Chutney and Chat”, “Samosa Saturday” and “Peer Meetup” formats, which host over 100 successful events a year for business owners and professionals to ‘network, learn and grow’.

We believe that Awards are the single most effective means of inspiring excellence and sharing best practice as well as creating more opportunities for those involved. We want to expand our reach and will consider other market areas if the vision meets our values and we can we can add value.

We pride ourselves on professionalism and the ability to provide the best quality service. Unlike many of our competitors in the awards industry, there are no fees for the judges. We believe credibility is the most important element of our organisation and this is difficult to maintain where there is an exchange of money.

We are seeking conversations with:

  • Experts, Thought Leaders and Influencers interested in supporting our events as a Judge or Ambassador
  • Commercial teams such as media, marketing and communications where we can discuss sponsorship packages individual to specific corporate agendas for increased and strategic exposure
  • Results-oriented individuals looking to develop a new concept for a B2B event that has a basis for differentiation and where there is potential for growth