Mary Grant

Founder & Creative Director At Lifestyle Fashion Brand - Mary Grant

I’m Mary Grant. I’m a fashion designer. I have been designing wardrobe building collections, for stylish individual women for over 25 years. I have evolved my business through several different business models, acquiring a tool box of skills that allow me to apply my unique handwriting to everything that I do.

When I started my business all those years ago, the support was not there for startups. The internet did not exist and acquiring the skills to sustain and grow the business meant learning from my own mistakes. I grew my business one wedding dress at a time toa point where I could finance my own collections.

There have been several occasions when my business was on its knees through making mistakes and bad decisions.  Being a single mother raising 3 children without support is a great motivator to keep the show on the road and each time I managed to prevent the business for going under, I emerged from the wreckage with a new skill that I could use to make the business stronger. Today I am equally as passionate about the business activity as designing my collections.

With my children all left school, I undertook the KPI programme to stretch myself even further and apart from everything that I have learned, I find myself growing within the KPI community and am passionate about giving to the conversation, building relationships and connecting people. I have been among the top most engaged people in the community since I started my KPI24 journey.

Last week, I was delighted to be invited as a founder advisor for the soon to be launched Advisor.FM which is the brainchild of a KPI25 participant. My narrow focus is on startups, offering advise on all the things I learned the hard way and helping them to achieve faster growth as a result.

I would love to be involved in the judging of the start up category of The Business Book Awards. And while it is neither here nor there, I have just finished building ( with my own hands) a library that has been on my ( and my kids) wishlist for the last 10 years.