Chris Radford

Non Exec Director, Brand strategy consultant, Director at Henry's Avalanche Talk and Purbeck Holidays

A former marketing director at Pepsi and managing director at HEAD sports, Chris launched his Differentiate strategy consulting firm in 1996. He has helped Mars create the Celebrations chocolate brand and turn Galaxy into the chocolate brand leader in the Middle East. He worked with Scotts to make Miracle-Gro the market leader in gardening. He has helped many other CEOs and marketing directors in high-end business services to take their brand to the next level with his distinctive ‘Differentiate’ method. He is presently working with Maxwellia which is a pharmaceutical startup that is enabling people to look after there own health by switching some prescription-only medicines to be available over the counter in a pharmacy.

Chris is also a non-executive director of Ski Club GB and a director at Henry’s Avalanche Talk providing risk management tools and safety training for off-piste skiers.

He currently speaks and writes about why businesses must focus on attracting new customers rather than extract more money from existing customers. He is writing a book called Attractive Thinking –┬áThe 5 questions that drive a successful brand strategy and how to answer them.