Heather Townsend

Writer, Executive Coach and International Professional Speaker, and the author of The FT Guide To Business Networking, The Go-To Expert and co-author of How to make partner and still have a life.

Need to grow a one million pound accountancy practice? Or need to make partner in your firm? That’s what Heather helps her clients do. She is an award-winning author of 4 books. They include the best-selling ‘FT Guide To Business Networking’, ‘The Go-To Expert’, ‘How to make partner and still have a life’, and ‘Poised for partnership’. You’ll normally find her speaking at conferences/in-house events, running workshops, coaching her clients, trying to get gluten & dairy free yorkshire puddings to rise, on a netball court, getting a buzz from a decent downhill MTB trail and coaxing her children to widen their taste buds. Heather is known for her prolific content production and that’s probably part of the reason the ICAEW in 2015 decided she was the top online influencer for the accountancy profession and Sage decided in 2017 that she was a global top 100 influencer for business.